PSE Parabolic Solar Energy, Inc


Tel: 818 660 2525

Here, At Cantura St, Studio City, we have

installed a unique PV system of 8,280W

Each module has its own Micro Inverter to

enhace system performace.

 Sample of Our Projects
    Parabolic Solar energy, Inc
       15940 Kittridge Street 
      Lake Balboa, CA 91406 
          T: 818 660 2525
         F: 818 385 1402

   Here, at Sunny Valley we have

  installed a large Pool Solar water 

    heater system, 816Sq.Ft

     PV solar system with Micro Inverter

    The system has been installed at 

     Cantura Street, Studio City, CA


   Here , at Woodman AV, Sherman

   Oaks, we have installed two types  

    of solar systems

   1. Home Water Heater

   2. Pool Solar Water Heater

We create sophistated solar energy systems
                                  If you have a question call us at 818 660 2525