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Parabolic Solar Energy, Inc established to consult Commercial business and individuals in the world of thermal solar energy.  This powerful substitute energy is no longer a myth for our modern day life.  It’s clean, strong, endless, and here today!

Our current operations extend from 20+ years experience in Israel in the processes of residential solar energy, and thermal technologies for utility-scale solar electric generating systems.

Our focus here in California was the result of understanding the energy needs of the sixth largest economy in the world (measured by gross national product) and the impact of premium solar power found only in the Southwest region of the US.

Your current investment and production tax credits include the recent (2006) $2.9 billion “California Solar Initiative” approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. This means the deferred cost of today’s investment in solar energy can be reduced up to 50% with a potential 4-6 year return.  Within a short time the renewable energy you will enjoy for free will also help clean the environment.

Our knowledge will assist you to harness this excellent energy to your benefit.  We shall help you to take advantage of the abilities of solar energy beyond a regular staff.  We are familiar with our market and can accompany you to the best solution according to your budget.

You get our visits and meeting free of charge.  We study your issues and prepare a proposal according your business needs.  You get a turnkey system with federal and state incentives.  You save the environment and get peace of mind.

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